Weekly Outline

                                                                              Weekly Outline

September 17 - 21

Grade 5




(Ms. James)


Students will continue learning about growth mindset and the difference between a fixed and growth mindset. They will explore different strategies for achieving their personal goals.


Students will continue working in their spelling and grammar workbooks. Spelling homework will be sent home daily and spelling tests will take place Fridays.


This week we will focus on a new article of the week. Before reading, students will be asked to discuss and make inferences based on the title of the article and the pictures. During reading, students will be encouraged to mark important information as they read (i.e., highlight, underline, etc…). After reading, students will independently answer questions to check comprehension which will be followed by class discussion.


Additionally, students will learn about summarizing and main ideas. Independent literacy centres will be available to help deepen understanding and for practice.



(Ms. James)

This week in math, we will be working on the following:

Lesson 6: Adding Whole Numbers

Lesson 7: Writing and Comparing Numbers Through Hundred Thousands/Ordinal Numbers

Lesson 8: Relationship Between Addition and Subtraction

Lesson 9: Practicing the Subtraction Algorithm

Lesson 10: Missing Addends



(Ms. James)


Last week students learned all about levels of government and worked together to determine some of the responsibilities of the Federal, Provincial and Municipal government. Additionally, students explored the head of each level and identified names. This week students will continue to deepen their understanding of government by completing an in class project.



(Ms. James)


This week students will explore, identify and explain changes in matter. They will develop an understanding of how states of matter can be changed from one form to another and what that process looks like.  

Additionally, students will participate in a number of experiments to see how these changes occur!

Media Literacy

(Mrs. Grovum)

Our theme this week in Media Arts is Mindfulness.  Students will explore the theme in books and in the MakerSpace.



We will spend this week finishing up our Pop art inspired labels as well as discussing different types of lines. We will conclude the class by brainstorming ideas for your independent Pop Art Project.


(Mr. Fretz)

Students will taking part in soccer skill building activities this week.  They will also be training for cross country and taking part in various cooperative/leadership based activities.  Each Friday students will take part in active and cooperative games to earn points for their House (Torrin, Malliag, Kyleakin).



(Mr. Kudera)

The students will continue to review notes and rhythms with their recorders. They will also continue to practice the song Count On Me for the upcoming Grandparents’ Day assembly.


(Mr. Fretz)


Students will be continue looking at the Canadian Food Guide this week.  The will look at each food group and identify how having the recommended servings from each group will help keep them healthy.  Students will also look at how to measure the specific servings from each group. Students will be creating posters on the different food groups to display throughout the school.





we will continue learning  vocabulary and verbs. Students will be introduced to some adjectives . By the end of the week students are required ro write a paragraph of  6-8 sentences using their knowledge of grammar, vocabulary, and adjectives. This paragraph is due the week after.


(Ms. Murphy)

This week in drama we will be working on creating commercials related to their health posters and promoting healthy eating.



(Mr. Kudera)


The students will be introduced to Google Docs. They will also practice logging into their personal accounts.