Hughes Hero Project

The grade 5 students will be participating in our "Hughes Hero Project."

List of heroes:  Buffy Sainte-Marie, Jordin Tootoo, James Bartleman, Susan Aglukark, Ted Nolan, Tom Longboat, Pauline Johnson, Stan Jonathan,Harry Smith, Roberta Jamieson, John Kim Bell 

-Throughout our Canadian Heritage unit, the students will be informed about many first nations heroes. They will choose a hero they feel instills the H2 crew values and write an essay about this hero. This is an INCLASS project, they will be given class time to complete research and writing. 

Click here for speech outline. 

Click here for graphic organizer template. 

All students will need to create a timeline of heroes life. 

-We will be teaming up with Mr.Kudera and the students will be designing their own website in computers to potray and explain their heroes. This will be worked on in  computers class!

Click here for website outline.

-Students will then recreate their favourite moment of their heroes life by acting out a scene we will be recording using props, greenscreen and video editing tools. 

-To finish off our structures unit, we will be creating a lifesize wigwam that wil be staying in our classroom until we present our final project. 

Parents will be welcome the first week of June to come join us for a Native Healing and Smudge circle to kick off our presentation and then invite parents into our classroom for students to show off all their hardwork!