Dear Parents:

It’s Christmas concert time!!!!


The Christmas concert is fast approaching. In the spirit of a “Charlie Brown Christmas” the costume for all students will be:

  • an “Ugly”, festive, holiday sweater

  • navy uniform pants or navy/black pants or leggings

  • black uniform shoes and navy socks.

  • **If students wish, they may accessorize with festive headgear (hats, ear muffs, headbands, elf ears etc)


Please send in their holiday sweater by Friday, December 7th in preparation for our dress rehearsal.



Dear Parents: 

Rafikis are on sale now! Click here to get yours today and help support women in Kenya! Orders will be accepted until December 7.

Dear Parents:

GAAPTA is hosting a silent auction fundraiser during the Christmas Concert!  Each class has been given a theme for their auction basket and class families are welcome to participate by donating items to our class basket based on our theme.

Our theme is : Family Game!

Please bring in all items by November 30.  If  you would like GAAPTA to help out with the shopping, please email

Happy Bidding!


Dear Parents,                                                                                                                                                                    

The Grade 5s need your help!

As part of our Project Based Learning unit, the Grade 5 students are working on raising awareness about bullying.  

This is a vast topic that we have begun to discuss in class and I have been so impressed with the class and their mature, compassionate and empathetic approach to such a sensitive topic.

Our PBL is designed to be student led with teacher assistance and there has been no shortage of creative ideas shared during our discussions.  As a class, we have examined the different types of bullying, the possible effects of bullying, and specific terms related to bullying. Additionally, we have explored who the target audience is, what we want our message to be and have began brainstorming slogans and logos.

A wonderful benefit of PBL learning is that is allows students to authentically pursue many different curriculum strands in a manner that focuses on mastery and student engagement.  So far in our journey we have focused on building our 21st century skills including communication, collaboration, creativity and critical thinking with many more skills to come as they further explore this topic. Additionally, we will continue to meet curriculum expectations related to:

Language Arts: Media literacy, oral presentations

Social Studies: Government (are there legal consequences)

Math: Statistics and graphing

Health: Mental and physical well being

The student task of raising awareness about bullying is broken down into two parts: school awareness and community awareness.  Students have designed their own tshirt logos and would like to make their t-shirts in class. To assist the grade 5s in achieving this goal, we kindly ask that each student bring a light pink cotton t-shirt to class for November 9th so that they can create their personal slogan and logo t-shirt.

Students also feel it is important to get their message out to the community!  They have decided that they would like to create a slogan/logo to advertise on a billboard.  After much discussion and research of possibilities, students have decided to host an Anti Bullying Bake Sale to raise funds for their advertisement. They have set themselves a fundraising goal of $100 and hope to come as close as they can!  The Bake Sale will take place Friday November 23 to coincide with GAA’s Anti-Bullying week. If you are able to contribute a nut free treat to the Bake Sale, please feel free to email me.

Thank you

Candice James

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